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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to acquire some land and would like to know if I can build a septic tank and a well. What should I do?
Contact a technician to validate whether the location is adequate and to check the soil’s sustainability to see which system would work best and at what cost.

Can I build a septic tank anywhere?
No, a septic tank must be installed in an area that takes into account space between residences, lakes, ditches, riparian protection bands, wells, etc.

Does a septic tank last for life?
No, when well-maintained, and when installed in soil that’s in good condition, it can last several years. However, periodic inspection and regular draining must be carried out.

Before I sell my home, is it recommended to have my system inspected?
Yes, it allows you to get an accurate picture of the state of the septic tank and to share that information during the sale of the residence.

I received a letter of non-compliance from the municipality regarding my septic system. Can you help me?
Yes, we can evaluate your system in order to suggest a solution.

Can I install my surface or artesian well anywhere?
No, whether it is a surface or an artesian well, the well must be installed within a certain distance.

Once your assessment is completed, what documents will you produce?
Once the site has been assessed and the study of the soil has been completed, we produce the technical plans and list the requirements to obtain the installation permit from the municipality, usually a technical estimate, plans, well and septic sections and a particle size analysis, as performed by an accredited laboratory.

Can I hire the contractor of my own liking to do the work with your plans?
Yes, we do business with several contractors and we can even give you recommendations.

Once the work has been completed, what documents should I send to the municipality?
We produce an attestation of conformity and a plan according to the location of the tanks.

Can I get an attestation of conformity on my current purifier?
Yes, it is possible, but difficult. The construction details must be as accurate as possible. That is, the type of tank, its area, the number of pipes (including their diameter), the granular materials used, and so on.

Can I go ahead and have the cheapest system installed on my lot?
No, only a professional can determine the type of system that can be installed on your property. Obviously, we always try to go with the least-costly solution, but several factors influence the choice of the tank. In particular, the ground water level, the rock level, the type of soil in place, etc.

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We invite you to consult the MDDELCC's FAQ section on the treatment of wastewater in isolated residences to learn more about this.

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